Clock your yard and garden

You’ve gone to the garden store and purchased your seeds or seedlings and know you ready to plant them, right? You are If you’ve clocked your garden.  A Yard clock is what I call it, though it’s really just a way of planning out your garden space. Spices, Vegetables, Lettuce and vines all benefit from the proper amounts of sun water and soil.


Take a nice sunny day and just relax, maybe watch the game, enjoy a cold beverage, and set your alarm for the top of the hour. When the alarm goes off, walk around your property, and all the areas that are open, or that you’re considering for a garden, take a picture every hour on the the hour.  This is really easy to do on my cell phone. I set the stop watch for 60 mins, snap the pics on my phone and download them to my computer, where I divvy them up into time and location, taking the photos from roughly the same positions every hour. Sun up, to sun down.


Afterwards. you should have a real nice idea of just how many hours of sunlight a location receives. Is it morning light? (great for vines like squash and cucumbers), Mid day light? (Good for sun loving tomatoes) or is it afternoon light?  Having this knowledge ahead of time will increase the chances of success especially if you put the right plant in the right location.

For Instance, I’m thinking of setting up another grow bed or raised bed, not sure which yet, but have an idea of putting it in front of the existing grow beds, but running E-W instead of the N-S they are now.


I kinda overslept this Saturday morning, as it was 8a before I awoke, and nearly 9a before I was able to snap the 1st pictures. (if you know me, that’s funny. If you don’t, just trust me, and laugh) Anyway, as you can see in the first two pics, the sun is truly over the tall trees on the Eastern side of the property by 10am, however, the area in front of the grow beds, appears to still be shaded. In fact the area remains well shaded into the early afternoon, as seen to the left.


This area continues to open to the sun from 1:30pm until roughly 7pm at night.This might be a good area to grow my lettue, as it receives shade from the Pecan tree most of the morning, keeping them cool as long as possible. I also know from the past 20 years, that this area will open up earlier as the year moves onward to fall, and as the earth shifts on its axis.

I would recommend gardeners do this routine 4 times a year to conincide with the Summer and Winter Solstice, as well as the Spring and Fall Equinox’s. (or is that Equini? Im confused already, this cant be good). I would even suggest you do this exciercise 3 of the first 5 first years on the property. Another good excercise is to use a post, railing, fencing or even a good sturdy tree and mark where in the sky the sun comes up on the dates listed.

I eventually want to add an Obolisk as a sun dial in my garden, But that will DEFINATELY be another Blog, or Page.  Enjoy!


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