Hallelujah and Hooray! Mark the calendar it finally rained !!

And not just once mind you, but THRICE!!  It always fascinates me when in the middle of a drought (which we have been in for WAY too long now), people still talk about “…hoping it doesn’t rain this weekend.” I understand the sentiment, they want to enjoy the weekend in some way or another, but really? Have they never boated in the rain? Gone fishing? Or just danced in the rain? Remember those hot summer days as a kid, the rain would come on, the shirts would come off, (the boys anyway) and we would all be running around in the rain, instantly cooler for it.  Ahhh.  Just the memory cools me off a few degrees. These days the only grass that seems to be growing is whatever is front of the big corporations that pay for (i.e., can afford) irrigation (even with a watering ban on). But, seriously, “How you can you NOT want it too rain?”

When the grass has all turned brown and died, and your ‘yard’ is a dust bowl, how is it that people can still wish for sunny days? Haven’t they had enough already?

For those that keep up with my blog, you know how I have been lamenting about the lack of rain here at my house on the West side of Atlanta for some time now. It’s rained a 1/2 mile in all direction from me, but nary a drop here. Until a few days ago that is.  July 3rd to be exact, approximately 3 MONTHS since we have seen any ‘measurable’ rain. I even published a post titled ‘It’s so dry, my cacti have died’. (I don’t actually grow cacti, but if I did, I imagine even they would have died by now.)

But that all changed (momentarily at least) 2 days ago when it finally rained. Granted, it was only for about 20 minutes or so the first day and a little better than an hour on the second day (July 5th), and somewhere in between today but it DID and has been raining.  About 300 gallons worth. Wait, what?

300 gal IBC totes have SO many uses

That’s how I measure ‘rain’.  Off the roof into the gutter, and directed through PVC pipe to several 300 gallon IBC totes that I use to catch the rainfall. One good rainfall, like what we had on Tuesday the 5th, can easily fill up one of my totes. But when I say we got rain, well, it may not be exactly what you think. There are several kinds of rain, I have come to learn over the years. I was born in (and lived in) Pennsylvania for many years, and is considered ‘home’, as opposed to just my birthplace. (yea, yea, home is where the heart is, and mine is now firmly planted in Georgia).

But I digress. In Pennsylvania, we got our share of rain storms. With the lightning and the thunder, and for the longest time, I thought that was all there was to a rainstorm. I couldn’t have been more wrong. I also spent a few of my teenage years in the Pacific Northwest with my father. It wasn’t until after I returned to the East Coast that I realized how much I had ‘missed’ the Thunder and Lightning. So much so, that it inspired me to write a poem I titled “The Solo of Rain.”

Many years later, and for entirely different circumstances, I wrote a short story about “Thunder” (Both titles are – or will be- posted under ‘Ditty‘). Such was the profound effect that experience had on me all those years ago (I ain’t no spring chicken, ya’ know). But again, I digress.

View obscured by the rain

I have also lived in the south (Alabama, Mississippi and now Georgia) where the storms are truly THUNDER storms that Shake Rattle and Roll. (literally shaking the house and rattling the windows as it rolls through). Sorry.  I couldn’t help myself. And the rain, well, it isn’t a nice pleasant sun shower, with a steady light rain. Not like the “Sky is Crying'” Oh, no. Here in Georgia, it’s more like a wringing of a soaked cloth that comes pouring down in a deluge. When our Summer rain storms arrive, you truly can’t see 10 feet in front of you.

We didn’t have that on either of these occasions, but nonetheless, it was a good downpour. Ever hear the saying, ‘the bottom dropped out’? Thats more akin to the rain we have on the norm.

Either way, I hope it Keeps on coming. In the meantime, I’ll be dancing in the rain, hoping for a wet weekend.


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