The Solo of Rain

Originally written 0839 Mar 1985 Phillipsburg NJ 08865

Modified 061616 6728 30135 1649prg

The lightning, The Thunder, The Chorus of Rain,
as thy sing in Harmony this fine night of Spring.
Some run and hide when this choir appear
Whilst others come out to listen and hear.

However, one cannot fully enjoy the beauty of this choir until one has heard the Solo of Rain.

There was a time when it was ‘just’ thunder, and lightning and rain. That was all. A Storm. Then I moved to a faraway land, a place where the Thunder and Lightning let the Rain stand alone.

But I returned from this far-away land, and found myself awaiting the Thundering Band to join the Raining choir.  I found myself yearning for the Bangs and Booms. Anticipating. Longing. But to appreciate the full quartet of a Summer Storm, one must first experience,

The Solo of Rain.


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