Feasting on Toms Toes

NO, we don’t actually eat ‘Toes’ (or put them in our mouth in any way shape or form …  I mean ewww) per say unless of course they are red and plump and juicy … and come from a Tom-a-toe plant. At which point, we eat all we can. But before we get to the feasting part, let’s review some ways to ensure a healthy crop.

Excess water = cracked skin

If you follow my blog, you know that I’ve been writing about a bumper harvest and, sure enough, they just keep on coming. Bucketful after bucketful, these beauties are giving their all. At least in so far as the water and nutrients they receive.  Anyone that grows tomatoes has to be especially vigilant in their care. Not only do they need proper support (they can get top heavy), but they are heavy feeders and require lots of water. But here’s the thing, Tomatoes need a regular water schedule that is also consistent in the amount they receive. Too much water, and they (literally) grow out of their skin.

Tomatoes plants are also classified as ‘heavy feeders’ meaning they need to be fertilized throughout their life. About every week or so I add some calcium and potassium, along with a 30-18-18 solution. Normally I sprinkle this on the soil around the individual plants and then water it in, allowing the nutrients to reach the roots. Some things (like potassium potash) can be applied (foliarly) by spraying directly onto the leaves. I prefer the water in method because it cuts down on mildew and fungi that can affect the quality of the plant. Furthermore, if you spray at the wrong time (midday) you can ‘burn up’ the plants.  Finally, when watering I make sure not to ‘splash’ the stem or leaves with water as this can lead to soil borne diseases.

A plethora of produce?

Once you get all that together (and even if you simply water alone) your plants will produce a prolific plethora of produce. (We love alliteration!!) We have had several tomatoes this year that were so big … (How big were they?) They were so big, that a single slice covered an entire piece of bread. Add some salt pepper and mayo, and viola’, presto change-o,  a tomatoes sandwich. Throw on some bacon, and POOF, a B.L.T. We toss them in salads, (duh) and in soups; we’ve made pesto (with some home grown peppers and cilantro), we even eat them raw with little more than a shaker of salt.

Truly, no matter HOW you slice them, it comes up YUMMM !!!  (I’m **snicker-ing** at my own humor). HAhahahahahaha



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