Hilarious Politics – This just In

imagesI just read this article which was posted on my yahoo page…

According to The New Yorker and (The Borowitz Report), and citing Trump aides,

“…Christie stomped into the presumptive Republican nominee’s office and hurled a dry-cleaning ticket onto his desk, telling Trump, “You can pick up your own damn dry cleaning.”

That was enough to elicit a rather loud GUFFAW from me,  and my following immediate thought was,

Presidential nominee to be Donald Trump

“Do we really want a VP that does ‘dry cleaning’? I mean, this is the sort of hazing one implies on interns and subordinates, not your ‘bestie’ or a state governor (or possible V.P.).

If this is true, then Gov. Christie, you just embarrassed yourself beyond repair.

To make matter’s worse, The Donald then Dissed you in the worst most ultimate way…. as the Horowitz report went on to report,

Gov. Chris Christie

Trump’s press secretary, Hope Hicks, warned the media against making too much of the apparent rift between the billionaire and Christie. “In the long hours of a campaign, emotions can sometimes get a little raw,” she said. “We are confident that Governor Christie will pick up Mr. Trump’s dry cleaning going forward.”

Say goodnight Gracie, uh Christie


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