Marshall Law Being Declared In The U.S.

Marshall Law: when the Military takes control of the civilian population (The Free Dictionary by Fairfax)

We are seeing and living in a travesty. Blacks against Whites, Cops against Citizens (and Vice Versa), even man against child. As these provocations grow bolder and increase in frequency (as seen in every media outlet today), the government WILL step in to ‘cool things down’.

This will only be accomplished in one way. The implementation of the Armed Forces. Otherwise known as Marshall Law.

thConsider for a minute what this will entail: The loss of (Habeas Corpus) being able to go before a court or judge to gain freedom from imprisonment; the loss of other Civil rights including freedom of movement th(think Russia in the 70’s – check stops every time you cross a state border, or before being allowed into or out of a major city); being subject to searches and seizures without cause or suspicion; even being stopped from organized meetings. (Think of a bible study, a community meeting to discuss these atrocities, or perhaps even a PTA meeting). There would probably be a curfew imposed as well.

thFurthermore, they are authorized to seize all media (TV, Radio, Internet, Telephones, citizen band (C.B.) and Ham radios), the electrical grid, all fuel, food resources, (Farms and Farm Machinery), Public Transport (buses, taxis, subways, trains), even civilian manpower! FEMA would also be put in charge of ALL government agencies.

In short, The Military would be in charge of everything, they  would hold their own Military Tribunals (in essence become Judge, Jailer and Executioner), and would be allowed to jail dissidents or anyone that stood up against them or their beliefs (abortion, religion etc). thThey could go door to door arresting anyone they deemed a possible ‘threat’ to society. (Ever been put on a No Fly List by mistake? Anyone on that list would be subject to arrest. Hell, I could even be arrested under Marshall Law just for writing this!)

thIn fact, we could very easily fall into the same regime that Hitler ran, needing little more that an unsubstantiated rumor to arrest and imprison somebody.

Wikipedia cites a Supreme Court decision that says: (emphasis and parenthesis ours)

“… “Marshall Law’ has no precise meaning.”

(Which means they can do any damn thing they want).

Scared Yet?

Martial Law can be implemented due to things like: Natural Disasters; Riots; a Stock Market Crash; or anything that could lead to civil unrest, or a breakdown of Law and Order.

thYou may think I’m being an alarmist but this is a very real possibility, and further people might be playing right into their (the government’s) hand. (As some theorists have speculated, the US government has been putting this idea in motion (again) since the attacks on the World Trade Center in 2001.)

It is my belief, this is why we ‘civilians’ have been hearing so much about ‘terroristic’ threats and ‘terroristic’ attacks since 9-11. Furthermore, should the U.S. become entangled in a WAR the Government has the ability to declare Marshall Law. We ‘civilians’ may think of War as one faction against another, shooting rifles and missiles and dropping bombs, but what about other wars like when President Reagan declared “The ‘War’ on Drugs” in the 1980’s? And we all know that we are involved in a “War on Terror” right now.

Is this really what we want in America, or across the globe? Yet the more instances of ambushing cops (Baton Rouge), other first responders (Orlando), mass shootings and mass killings (Dallas, Nice, Boston, Germany) the closer we become to instilling Marshall Law on ourselves.

thIt is even possible that Marshall Law could be put into effect before November 2016. Why do I mention that? Because at such a time the Elections could be ‘postponed’. (How’s that for a choice? Obama for the next few decades)

So before the next person goes out and throws a rock at a moving police cruiser, before the next Cop shoots an unarmed man lying on his back with his hands in the air, before you start throwing punches at the person who farted at the table behind yours (I can’t make this stuff up), before taunting the bartender of unknown faith in the gay bar, think about what you might be about to do, which is to trigger an episode that could put yourself (and the rest of us) and our nation, our world, one step closer to Marshall Law.

Maybe we should all take a page from the Reverend, and just protest ‘peacefully’. Maybe take a verse from the bible and instead “Love Thy Neighbor”.

Written by Justin C. for

All World Wide Rights Reserved

edited by Scarlett A.


2 thoughts on “Marshall Law Being Declared In The U.S.

  1. Coming from Northern Ireland. Where, in essence Marshall law has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. I can give an honest opinion, don’t let it happen. Bullies run the armed force’s therefore the meek will suffer….trust me I have seen it with my own eyes…..I wish you well…..


  2. As Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Jesus, the Buddha, and so many other avatars have taught we cannot conquer fear with fear, or anger with anger, or war with war; the only force that is greater than these and will overcome these is love.

    I’ll have more to say later. In the meantime sending you and all your readers lots of love.

    Pete Eartheart


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