The Problem With the World Today

It’s not hate, although that is what it gets blamed on and what it is coming to. Rather the problem today is plain and simple rudeness. A problem I blame on the internet as the trigger (though we as humans still pull the trigger).
Since the internet has gone public and chat rooms and game rooms become all the rage there is no longer any accountability.
imagesNobody sees your face and there are nobody’s eyes that you have to look into. So what do people do? They become rude. Case in point. I like to play card games and this one site in particular, that I like to frequent.
After several hands of play nobody had made any comment of any kind. Not a Hello (Hi), not a Good Luck (gl), not even a smiley face (:-).
In an attempt to strike up some conversation (it IS social media, right?) I made a comment. “Awful quiet room” I stated.
The immediate response blew me away. This person could have remained quiet or even offered a short response like lol. That would have been nice. But No.
Instead this person responded with ‘STFU’. (surely everybody knows what THAT stands for). Seriously how rude was that, and what could have evoked such a callous remark? I was simply making an observation and in response I am knocked over the head with vulgarity. Dare I say full of acrimony (look it up) and hatefulness.
This has become more and more prevalent on line to the point of (at least) one site (that I know of) shutting down. Furthermore, I fear this is spilling over into the ‘real’ world (as opposed to virtual). Less people are willing to ‘lend a hand’ today than yesterday and I don’t think anybody has ever welcomed me to the neighborhood. (My Mother and I would often take a food basket to folks that moved into a house near ours).  I have noticed more and more drivers (on the road) becoming less and less civil to one another. (When is the last time YOU stopped to help a young or elderly person change a flat tire?)  Instead the norm in todays’ world is to cut people off, tailgate them, or even ‘flip’ someone off. And Heaven forbid the impacted driver should flash their lights or tap their horn in protest.
I’ve seen it go so far as to become Road Rage, against the protester! (ikr) So, you cut me off, I tap my horn, and then you slow down to some ridiculously speed for miles because I did? (or worse, slam on your brakes or tailgate me.) Seriously?
This has all come to pass in less than a single generations time. When I was a young man my Aunt would honk at people as we drove around town. They would then honk back. But because they KNEW each other or drove the same car. (Not out of anger or bitterness – aka Acrimony)
What ever happened to common courtesy, civility and even simple respect for one another? When did ‘bowing up’ and becoming aggressive become the norm?
My Mother often told me, “If you don’t have something nice to say then don’t say it at all.” My Father would postulate to me, “would you speak to your grandmother like that?”
I was taught to treat my elders and employers with Respect. To treat others as I would have them treat me. I was taught to use words like Sir, Ma’am, Please and Thank-You.
imagesYet todays generation EXPECTS and DEMANDS that things be given, and done for them. They demand instead of asking. They expect, without giving effort. I by no means had a ‘privileged’ life, other than to say I had a roof over my head (no matter how small), I had clothes on my back (no matter how few or how used) and I had food in my mouth (most of the time, and not always left-overs). I certainly didn’t have brand new (Designer) Clothes, the hottest and latest ($200) Sneakers or the latest version of a ($700) iPhone.

Maybe that’s the root of it all. I knew what it was like to do without. To be Hungry. To be Needy (as opposed to just wanting). I was expected to work for the things I wanted or needed. I was responsible for getting where I wanted to go (baseball games, school, work). It was known that I would have to work to cover my own fuel and insurance before a car was given to me (on my 21st birthday, no less). It was a beater too. A 10 year old (at least) Ford Pinto that my Mom had given me. And I was THRILLED to have it. Exploding gas tank and all (mine didn’t, but it was known that they could).

imagesThere is seriously something wrong with the world when a person can receive government aid (along with food stamps) and then suddenly afford a new cell phone, a new (luxury) car, new tattoos, piercings, and stylish clothes.

There is something SERIOUSLY wrong when people lose all sense of dialogue and instead reach for a weapon (of any kind). Maybe the problem is a lack of education and plain old simple laziness. (Mouths, People and Minds). Maybe the media and society (in whole) should start expecting more from the next generation. Maybe if the Managers (and Media) started communicating on a higher level (college, instead of 8th grade), the world would be a better place for it.

A-Masow-Glass-Treehouse-lead--889x641For example, my Grandmother once made a very profound and lasting impression on me. She enquired of me which was the smarter sounding: “People in glass houses shouldn’t throw rocks?” or “Homo-sapiens dwelling in transparent, fragile, domiciles should refrain from hurling geological specimens promiscuously?”

That made me think for a (few) minute(s) before I responded. (I literally replayed each word in my head trying to understand what she had just said) I was about 6-7 at the time. (It made me realize at an early age that education truly is power.)

imagesThere was a time when being a Gentleman or Lady stood for something. When proper educated conversation was expected, even frowned upon for not being exhibited. When engaging in ‘Fisticuffs’ was wrong. A time when Honor and Truth was the norm. A time when Society expected these things from one another. A time when ‘Intercourse’ didn’t have a sexual connotation. (Tip o’ the hat to ALL members of The Ancient and Honorable Order of Turtles out there. And of course,  to Hugh P. McGowan and the 12 other bomber pilots in his squadron, that started it all.) If you don’t get it, ask your your (Great) Grandparents. (Assuming they are Honorably Men and Women of the highest morals and good character and who are never vulgar.”)

thumbnail.aspI think we (desperately) need to get back to THAT time. To a time of treating one another with Dignity. For believing in the Constitution, and ‘That All Men are Created Equal’. (forget that they massacred Indians, and owned slaves when it was written). We should all aspire to being better than our (Founding Fathers) parents, and embody the FACT, that ALL MEN ARE CREATED EQUAL. To aspire to a higher class and to dismiss Vulgarity in all it’s forms.

But then what do I know? I’m just a dumb S.O.B.’n Turtle.


Written by Justin C. for

All World Wide Rights Reserved


4 thoughts on “The Problem With the World Today

  1. I would suggest that rather than going back to the old days of respect that we move forward to a new day and a new age of respect not only for others but also for ourselves, our planet, our community, and all other races, religions, ethnic heritages, etc.

    This is going take a long time I’m afraid, for all of us to get to that point of self-love and self-respect so that we can look out and see love in each other, and in the world around us and all actions and behaviors, regardless of how we may choose to want to perceive them or judge them.

    It is in the judging of others and other experiences that causes the rudeness and insensitivity that you hearken to. And it is my opinion that the judging of others is based on our own lack of self-love and self-acceptance, and therefore the need to belittle or judge others, so that we may feel a step above them. It is that sense of feeling so poorly about ourselves that causes us to want to bring others down to our level of unworthiness, rather than learning to love ourselves, see the good in ourselves, and therefore being able to see the good in others, and therefore being able to respect and honor all others as living manifestations and expressions of the one holiness that we all are.

    Of course this is just one person’s humble opinion. I am so grateful we live in an age and a time when we can share our opinions with others so that we can grow and come together with respect for selves and others, and ultimately realizing that in essence, in reality there is no difference or separation between self and others.


  2. I certainly enjoyed reading this latest article. Although I to have different political views from those that you’ve expressed here I can certainly appreciate your concern at the rudeness that you experience, and we all experience.

    I think beneath the rudeness, the fear, the anger is the sense of separation that so much of society experiences as a normal way of life. Most of us have come to believe that we are separate from one another, from our God, from our source, from our community, from the earth we walk on, and the environment we interact with and create. Most must feel alone afraid and isolated. And so it is easy to lash out at someone who confronts us or doesn’t act the way we believe they should. But that is just two people forgetting that we are all one, created by one God, one source.

    And by the way, I think that there’s only a very small percentage of the people on public assistance who walk around in $200 sneakers. Most of us are just trying to survive and get by from month-to-month and day-to-day. But there are those who think that who they are is determined by the cost of their shoes, their bling, or the name of the company that made their clothes that they have plastered all over them. They feel that way because they have no real sense of self and of connection with anything or anyone else. And so by having the right bling, or sneakers, or whatever and they can feel a part of something, and at some small level some sense of importance.

    And although it would be nice to go back to those days of men wearing hats and ties, and the womenfolk having dinner ready for their man and their family at the end of the day that would also require going back to a time of racial segregation, greater disease, and a much more obvious and pronounced form of segregation.

    Bottom line yes we all do need to work on ourselves and our community to support ourselves and each other, and to love ourselves and each other, and to see ourselves and each other as those imperfect aspects of our potential wholeness, each of us striving in our own way to make sense of the chaos that presents itself as normality today.

    So let us each work on learning to love ourselves and beholding the Christ in ourselves and each other, at least a little more today than we did yesterday and a little more tomorrow than we did today. For those who have trouble with my use of the word Christ please substituted Buddha consciousness, innate intelligence, universal intelligence, spirit, etc. etc. because each and every one of these spoke of love as being the underlying force of that which is, and what we all strive for, but have forgotten that we are.


    1. I’m not saying we should go back to the days of women being homemakers, or of racial discrimination, but rather back to a time when people exhibited the attitude of treating one another with
      R-E-S-P-E-C-T (as Arethea would sing).

      Hopefully we have progressed to a time (in a world economy) when we can view and respect (theres that word again) the talents of ALL people. Whether they be Russian, Polish, American, Jewish, Italian, Pakistani, Asian, or Samoan. Discrimination of any kind, whether it be Race on Race or rich against poor, shows a lack of respect. My personal opinion is that one can not respect others, unless they can first respect themselves.

      Further, I feel Discrimination of ALL kinds can be stamped down with (higher) education, a job, some good old fashioned volunteer work and a solid family foundation. These are the things (again, in my opinion) that promote Self Pride.

      It sounds like you are saying much of the much the same. Love yourself, Respect yourself, Take Pride in yourself and what you DO, and then it becomes natural to treat others in the same way. Many religions preach, Love thy neighbor as thyself.

      It all goes towards the same goal.

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      1. Yes I wholeheartedly agree with what you are saying in your post. I am so grateful that (he) has made this initial blog and created the Avenue and the vehicle for this discussion and mutual sharing and respect of ideas


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