Vote “None of the Above” for President

Back in the mid 1980’s (’85) there was a very funny man, in a very funny movie. A down and out  (black) minor league baseball player, inherits 30 Million dollars, with a catch. Take the 30 million and run, or, spend the 30 Million within 30 days to receive the whole enchilada of an inheritance – $300 Million Dollars.

imagesThe actor was Comedian Richard Pryor, and the blockbuster movie was known as Brewster’s Millions. But what does this have to do with an election? If you saw the Movie (and if you didn’t, you should) you know that one way he chose to spend his money was to run for office. City Council (or perhaps Mayor, I not sure it was stated), only he didn’t really want to be elected.

He felt (as many of us do today) that none of the candidates were worth voting for and so he encouraged the voters to vote for “None Of The Above”.  I remember a few election cycles ago, before America went to the electronic voting machines, there was a spot on the bottom of the ballet to ‘Write In’ a person not listed on the official ballot, casting your vote for them instead.

Now we are in the 2016 election cycle and it seems more and more people are unhappy with the candidates and want a candidate that is truly FOR the PEOPLE. (Main Street U.S.A., the 99%)

imagesDonald Trump started out strong, with some very interesting ideas, but then pretty much imploded. While I still like some of his ideas, he has shown himself to be (in my opinion) a racist, a hater, simple minded, and dare I say, a whack job. He also seems to think he is the ONLY person that can FIX the system. He’s also quick to judge and quicker still too react to anything he disagrees with. (Not a person I want in charge of the Nukes). Again while I agree with some of his politics, to separate himself from the Billions of Americans and Thousands (if not Millions) of geniuses of ALL races and religions, is seriously simple minded, and as seen at the Republican National Convention, fracturing. He has segregated so many people of so many backgrounds, he is quickly becoming not only unelectable, but unlikeable.

G8-PA5KAHillary, one the other hand, preaches unity and togetherness. She has experience in the oval office, as Secretary of State and as legal counsel. She has also done substantial work with education and the lower income families. Yet neither does she resonate with all the people. She is seen as an ‘insider’, part of the 1%, an e-mail leaker and most recently has ADVOCATED RAISING TAXES on the middle class. (Which actually isn’t all that bad, as the “middle” class has essentially become the lower class. FYI, $50,000 a year is now considered lower class.)

Still, she’s a bit better than Donald Trump. She certainly carries herself better and is more polished.

Which is where this blog comes in. If you are as unhappy as I am with the present candidates, and the current state of our Union (America) then perhaps you would consider “writing In” (voting) my nominee for the next President of the United States: Mr. B. Nice.

We need more ‘friendly’ in America these days. A leader that leads, and makes the decisions that need to be made. The decisions America wants.

Vote for Mr. Be Nice, and let’s put America back to work again.

This is part 1 of a continuing series on a real candidate for the American Presidency. Future articles will discuss his (specific) views on the issues at hand, as well as delve into some possible cabinet members.

Written by PRG


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