2016 vote for “None of the Above”

This was originally going to be a 3 part article, but due to the toxic nature of the campaign, we have decided to post the entire article. While some may have already viewed Part one (which was published Thursday), it is included in this posting, with a breakout for where Part 2 would have begun. This is the original article, in it’s entirety:

—Part 1—

imagesBack in the mid 1980’s (’85) there was a very funny man, in a very funny movie. A down and out  (black) minor league baseball player, inherits 30 Million dollars, with a catch. Take the 30 million and run, or, spend the 30 Million within 30 days to receive the whole enchilada of an inheritance – $300 Million Dollars.

The actor was Comedian Richard Pryor, and the blockbuster movie was known as Brewster’s Millions. But what does this have to do with an election? If you saw the Movie (and if you didn’t, you should) you know that one way he chose to spend his money was to run for office. City Council (or perhaps Mayor, I not sure it was stated), only he didn’t really want to be elected.

He felt (as many of us do today) that none of the candidates were worth voting for and so he encouraged the voters to vote for “None Of The Above”.  I remember a few election cycles ago, before America went to the electronic voting machines, there was a spot on the bottom of the ballet to ‘Write In’ a person not listed on the official ballot, casting your vote for them instead.

Now we are in the 2016 election cycle and it seems more and more people are unhappy with the candidates and want a candidate that is truly FOR the PEOPLE. (Main Street U.S.A., the 99%)

imagesDonald Trump started out strong, with some very interesting ideas, but then pretty much imploded. While I still like some of his ideas, he has shown himself to be (in my opinion) a racist, a hater, simple minded, and dare I say, a whack job. He also seems to think he is the ONLY person that can FIX the system. He’s also quick to judge and quicker still too react to anything he disagrees with. (Not a person I want in charge of the Nukes). Again while I agree with some of his politics, to separate himself from the Billions of Americans and Thousands (if not Millions) of geniuses of ALL races and religions, is seriously simple minded, and as seen at the Republican National Convention, fracturing. He has segregated so many people of so many backgrounds, he is quickly becoming not only unelectable, but unlikeable.

G8-PA5KAHillary, one the other hand, preaches unity and togetherness. She has experience in the oval office, as Secretary of State and as legal counsel. She has also done substantial work with education and the lower income families. Yet neither does she resonate with all the people. She is seen as an ‘insider’, part of the 1%, an e-mail leaker and most recently has ADVOCATED RAISING TAXES on the middle class. (Which actually isn’t all that bad, as the “middle” class has essentially become the lower class. FYI, $50,000 a year is now considered lower class.)

Still, she’s a bit better than Donald Trump. She certainly carries herself better and is more polished.

Which is where this blog comes in. If you are as unhappy as I am with the present candidates, and the current state of our Union (America) then perhaps you would consider “writing In” (voting) for MR. B. NICE to become the next President of the United States. He prefers to bypass the negativity and division type campaigns, which only instigates more division and angst,  and instead wishes only to talk about his visions and views on numerous articles. (Please send in your questions, in the response box below)

—Part 2—

But why in the world would anybody vote for somebody that nobody has ever heard of? If for no other reason, because MR. B. NICE is ‘None of the Above’.  He is a member of the 99%, resides on “Main Street” U.S.A. and at the ripe old age of 50 (ok, 49 right after the elections), has managed to pay off his home, his vehicles, and is raising 2 children, with one in college. No big deal right? He’s also never made more than $50,000 a year. (He was actually ‘punished’ by TARP)

But where does he stand on the issues at hand?

1st and foremost,  – he does NOT believe in a balanced budget. (wait, what?) He would never have been able to accomplish those things, on that salary, if he DID believe in a balanced budget. No, instead he believes in a SURPLUS budget. Because something ALWAYS happens. It’s a fact of life. The air conditioner goes out, the water heater breaks down or the kid wrecks the car. (Having kids means we can blame them, right?) Okay, maybe those fender benders and speeding tickets were his. (mostly).

Oh wait, can he do that? Can he, you know, actually CLAIM to be un-perfect? Dishonest? (Who hasn’t told a white lie, or taken a day off from work for being (cough cough) sick? Yet here he stands (sits) claiming his imperfections. You see he is not perfect, far from it in fact. Still, his wife of 25 years stays (puts up) with him. She loves him the way he is. SHE believes he is a good person, faults and all. Dare I say she has made (and is still making) him a better person every single day. They compliment one other, she is strong where he is weak, and vice versa.

But the fact remains, his household does not run on debt. The power company doesn’t care if he broke his foot and cannot go to work. They just want their money or they turn off his electricity. The fuel stop won’t give away free gasoline and the Department store won’t give him free clothes for his back. So why then should the government be allowed to run on debt? Running up debt to the point of filing Bankruptcy is simply NOT AN OPTION. (Hello Donald Trump). Mortgage lenders and banks would simply foreclose and then re-sell to recoup the money they lent. And they sure as heck wouldn’t wait 20 or 30 years to repossess.

How much longer before the country’s creditors come knocking? Truth is, they already have, but rather than ALLOW them to collect, the U.S. has BLOCKED the repossessors. Then, when our creditors suggest using the I.O.U.’s that they hold to purchase U.S. equities instead, we block that from happening too. I wonder what would happen if I held a rifle to the repossessors head when he came to collect? What would happen if the banks no longer lent me money or extended me credit? What if instead, I decided to print my own money to service those bills and debts?

Simple. They would come and Take Me Away, (ha haaa ho ho hee hee, the funny farm, where life is beautiful all the time” (by Napoleon XIV)). Yet that is EXACTLY what America (and many other Nations) do.

Simply put, we cannot have a double standard and MUST be responsible with our debt as well as be a LEADER for the citizens of this great nation, and the world on whole. We have gone from one of the Richest nations, to one of the poorest in less than 75 years. (going back to WWII)

2nd – of all, he believes that education should be free to all that have the aptitude and desire to learn. Sounds great, but how would it be paid for? Before answering that, I should state that he believes the ENTIRE EDUCATION SYSTEM needs to be re-worked. The United States has already fallen below NUMEROUS other nations in Math and Science alone. American Engineers and Doctors are nearly extinct, and I don’t need to mention manufacturing, as it DOES NOT EXIST in America today.

To re-work and fund the education system, he would LEAN on Corporate America to do the heavy lifting. Businesses like Boeing and Lockheed-Martin, for example should channel funds AWAY from the multi-millionaire CEO’s and Board of Directors, and instead direct that money to educational classes like metal shop and electronics. Apple, Microsoft, IBM (and the sort), should likewise direct funds to code writing, chip making and board etching. Medicine, Automotive, Publishing Houses and other businesses should likewise invest in education.

That’s right, he said INVEST. Properly co-ordinated and beginning in grammar school, children could and should be exposed to several facets of industry and commerce to find where their strengths and weakness lie. In return, these businesses would quickly (within a generation) have a multitude of qualified employees and prospects. Affirmative rights would no longer be needed. There would be no segregation in pay. Instead, the BEST and MOST qualified people, would be put into their best suited positions. A Win-Win-Win. Students win with better and targeted education, Businesses win with highly qualified employees and the Taxpayers win by having that financial burden lifted off their shoulders.

3rd – Health Care. Every American citizen, regardless of age race or religion could pay a flat amount. Say, $100 per month and a $35 co-pay for every visit. No opt in, no opt out, no exclusions, covered from birth to death. After age 65 (or 45 years of continued employment), medical and prescriptions would be free. During those 45 years, prescriptions should be cost effective regardless of illness. (and assuming the illness is not self-induced through improper nutrition, or other harmful activities. ie, drug use, smoking etc, but NOT denied for things like broken bones during exercise or recreational play)

4thImmigration (legal), Unemployment, The Economy and Terrorism. He puts these in the same category, because he believes they can all be solved with the same solution. Education, Infrastructure and Jobs. However, to accomplish this will require something of a scary thought.

We need to work towards a TRULY global economy. One currency for our One world. Not the Dollar, not the Yen, Euro or Yuan, but rather a new World Currency. Digital. With a cap, and floor for earnings, say 2000 (credits) for every year a worker is alive. Thus a 20 year old would earn a minimum of 40,000 (credits) and a 60 year old would earn a minimum of 120,000 credits per annum. Salaries would further be tiered by education level and job description. A high school drop out would earn the base minimum working fast food, whereas an engineer could double that, and a rocket scientist or neurosurgeon could earn twice that again. (or 4x the minimum, again, depending on education and job description). – I’m just spitballing here, the actual numbers and tiers would have to be analyzed and appropriated accordingly.

Furthermore, the pay structure, as it exists today, is Bass-ack-wards. Athletes and ‘Investment Bankers’ (aka Wall Street Junkies) get paid TENS of MILLIONS of dollars PER YEAR while Teachers fight to remain in the middle class, even using THEIR OWN MONEY to purchase things like pencils, paper and hand disinfectant. Firefighters, Emergency personnel and First Responders put their LIVES ON THE LINE every day for what? $50,000 a year?? Shouldn’t it be the other way around? Teachers and Professors are literally shaping the minds of future generations and our Emergency responders face life and death every day, while athletes get to run around playing games. (And the true idiocy of the whole situation is that people like you and me CONTINUE to pay higher and higher prices to go watch these athletes perform.)  Put a cap on Athletes salaries and the amount Television and cable companies can earn and ALLOCATE the rest to the education system where it belongs and is most needed.

And while Mr. B. Nice is NOT a proponent for “the number of the beast” per se (digital currency), and while he believes in commercialism as a great avenue for innovation, there needs to be a cap on what any one person could earn in any given year. Something like, 1 Million credits. He sees no other way to keep prices in check, prevent ‘bubbles’, and at the same time solve problems like inflation, deflation and unemployment (to name but a few), while at the same time promoting the virtues of competition and innovation that capitalism (and commercialism) embodies. A system like this would prevent gasoline and milk from being $5 a gallon or more, and would regulate prices across the board. Tax the devil out of Alcohol, Cigarettes and Luxury items like boats and mansions.

Also, any person having served in the military should be additionally trained for their specific traits and strengths (either during or after servicing), as well as securing the borders and the various nations from ‘Rouges”. Further, EVERY military member should be GUARANTEED a job after (X) years of service. Again, tiered based on service and educational specialties.

GRA030 MELILLA, 22/10/2014.- Agentes de Policía junto a algunos de los ochenta inmigrantes que están encaramados desde primera hora a la valla de Melilla, fronteriza con Marruecos, tras el último intento de entrar en la ciudad autonóma protagonizado por varios centenares de subsaharianos, algunos de los cuales, al menos una docena, ha conseguido superar el vallado perimetral. EFE/Francisco G. Guerrero

5th – Immigrants here illegally – He does not support this sector AT ALL. No Green Card = No Free college, No Food stamps, No drivers License, No Government subsidies. No Way, No How, No Sir-ree Bob!! NO Nothing! Nada. Zilch. Nil.  Go back from whence you came, and come back legally, (or at least register) and then go to work like everybody else

Furthermore, no free subsidies for immigrants of ANY KIND, until true (Red White and) Blue Americans are taken care of first. The idea of giving immigrants (legal or otherwise) thousands of dollars per month in Money, Food Stamps, Medical care and other subsidies needs to STOP.  If and when we can afford to give TRUE BORN AMERICANS stipends and college education and when there are NO MORE POOR Americans, Then and only then, would he consider helping immigrants. While giving Free education to all that have the aptitude is a cornerstone to his agenda, Educating the Engineers and Doctors (of the world) that then take those specialties to other countries MUST STOP until all (3rd generation and older) AMERICANS are educated and working. Period.

Furthermore, he would fine any company found to be using illegal immigrants $500,000 per offense, and $100,000 per illegal immigrant. He feels a strong message needs to be sent to corporate America, that using illegal immigrants will not be tolerated.    Hire Americans First.    (Which should be his campaign slogan)

imagesTerrorism – As a separate item, and how to handle terrorism and terroristic threats.   Unfortunately, todays world includes gunmen as snipers, guerrillas (police ambushes) and people that walk into theaters with assault rifles, and sadly the police are ill equipped to handle these situations. When the police need to encase themselves in body armor, clearly something needs to change. While he is not a proponent of a “police state”, when police have to dress like soldiers, maybe soldiers need to be patrolling the streets.

He would set up several town meetings across the country, and employ a research team to EXPLORE the idea of splitting the Police department. The Police force as we know it today, could be relegated to traffic. Responding to speeders, drunk drivers and aggressive drivers, basically keeping the streets safe. They can also be used for special events, like Baseball, Basketball and Football games, as well as directing traffic at parades, schools and other types of busy events. Domestic disputes too, (at least until that becomes too deadly). As far as violent crimes, maybe set up several task forces, or have S.W.A.T. teams on stand by and at the ready. For larger metropolitan areas, maybe 5 such teams – positioned North, South, East and West of the city, with a fifth team covering downtown and to lend help where needed.

Unfortunately, this also puts us one step closer to Martial Law (which he sure as heck doesn’t want). Yet until the civilians can act civil amongst one another, the National Guard and local Army bases should also be on standby and ready to offer aide when and where needed. We are on a slippery slope in todays society, and care MUST be taken (and avoided at all cost unless and until no other options are available. We train (and pay) our Military to handle such situations all around the world, yet hardly ever on our own soil. Shouldn’t we keep America safe before attempting to save the world?

Moving on, what about Cabinet members?

imagesIf willing, he would ask Warren Buffett to be head of the Treasury, or at the very least become an adviser to choose someone very good with money and that has a philanthropic heart. (So long as it’s not a former banker, like Mr. Paulson.)

He would consider Col. Oliver North to be Secretary of Defense,  For he believes he is an upstanding person that got something of a raw deal.

images150706_POL_Sanders.jpg.CROP.promo-xlarge2He would explore asking Condoleezza Rice to become his Vice President, or perhaps Bernie Sanders (if either would have him)

He would ask a Native American to head up the Parks and Recreation Department, giving them control over the National Parks and other wildlife. If any race knows how to protect mother earth, it would be the Native Americans. (A notion I support 100%)

151105061501-ben-carson-october-29-2015-large-169He would ask former GOP candidate Ben Carson to be Surgeon General.

He would support any and all of the 99% to run for congress, (latinos, blacks, whites, etc), so long as they were part of the disenfranchised. (Talk about ‘shaking up the system’ and returning the government to the people!!) He can think of no better way to get the Democrats and Republicans to find compromise and to get things done, than by electing ‘main street’ people to fill their positions.

He would support cutting all the ‘pork’ out of the system, and reallocating monies to DOMESTIC Improvement. He does not understand how we can send Billions of Dollars overseas when our own country is such disarray.

imagesTo ‘jump start’ the economy, he would take a page from President Eisenhower, putting Americans to work fixing our aging infrastructure. Bridges are a major weakness. Many bridges were built back in the 1960’s and are ill equipped to handle today’s volume. He would further expand that to our waterways which are also seeing an exorbitant amount of traffic. He would seek out a way to increase and promote the use of mass transit, especially Mag Lev trains. They would not only reduce traffic on the roads, but also decrease the amount of pollution and fossil fuels being released into the atmosphere. They could and should run the length and width of the city perimeters, even reaching the outer suburbs, and eventually city to city. Incentives could be used to move outer lying populations to more centralized locations. He would also expand the Interstate System, separating domestic vehicles from Cargo vehicles (tractor trailers).

He would quit offering favorable tax breaks to big corporations. Companies like Google and Apple already have their coffers (and bellies) full. Seriously, when is enough, enough? Cable companies are already holding customers hostage. Companies like Disney (which owns ABC) demand more money from cable companies, which in turn must either drop their coverage or raise rates, which in turn angers customers, and drives them to other media like Netflix and Hulu. I mean, c’mon Disney. You charge $100 just to get into the park, you make hundreds of millions of dollars in movies AND you own those numerous merchandising rights. Do you really need to screw mom and pop on cable too?

rafflesplace2He would encourage a new type of neighborhood. Large neighborhoods, the size of Central Park, that would place a large campus in the middle. A high rise that would have room for classrooms (K-12), a large Library, Grocery stores, Restaurants, Medical facilities (outpatient) and Department clothing stores. This in turn would be surrounded by family homes, would encourage the elderly (grandparents) to reside nearby (great for babysitters) and encourage a family ‘village’ where all are involved. Of course, parks and playgrounds would also be included in the neighborhood, as well as Police or other security.

He would support a Constitutional Amended that included Freedom of Choice. This is already spelled out with Religion and Speech but should also include Freedom of Choice. (Whatever that choice may be).

He is an advocate for the legalization of HEMP, (unlike Former Pres. Bill Clinton, he did inhale). The Native Americans (Indians) smoked ‘peyote’ for their vision quests and he believes hemp acts in the same manner, allowing the mind to become free thinking, even linking in to universal thoughts and ideas (the Ether). He believes it promotes ‘outside the box thinking’. (How else would he be able to come up with these crazy idea?) Furthermore, it is an excellent fiber to be used for clothing, rope and more. It was widely used and grown by our Founding Fathers! (George Washington even smoked it recreationally). Have you ever wondered how ‘Marijuana’ became illegal in the first place?

What this all boils down to, is we DO need some serious change and some REAL leadership in our country, and I’m just not sure Hillary or Trump are the right answer. I’m not saying you should elect Mr B. Nice (after all, he is not perfect or polished, and has skeletons in his closet – cue scary music), but if you don’t align yourself with the ‘establishment’, and want to TRULY return America to the PEOPLE, than take a cue from Monty Brewster, and vote for MR. B. NICE.

(Obviously not his real name. But if by some wild and crazy chance enough people agree with what he is saying, and actually VOTE for MR. B. NICE, I’m willing to bet the FBI or CIA could track him down. Heck, they probably already have :-))

Written by PRG

for DumDittyDo.com



One thought on “2016 vote for “None of the Above”

  1. I think this is a very well written and very well thought out article that I very much enjoyed reading. I may not agree with some of your proposals, such as fining businesses for each incident involving the hiring of an illegal immigrant. If that were the case a head of lettuce would probably cost $250,000. And tomatoes somewhere in the same neighborhood. I wonder how much glass of orange juice would cost?
    Not all illegal immigrants are here to mooch off the land and take our welfare and free medical care and other so-called entitlements. Many of them are very hard-working and willing to work very hard at many jobs that most Americans are not willing to entertain because they are too hard or too demanding. How many millennials do you think are willing to work 12 or 14 hours a day out in the hot sun picking your strawberries and string beans?
    Living in what is considered a primarily agricultural county I am somewhat aware of the plight of farmers and Orchardists who simply cannot find enough citizens and legal immigrants to do the work that often illegal migrant workers do every day so they can support their families back in some Third World South or Latin American country. How many millennials would be willing to be away from their families for that long?
    I do think Mr. B Nice does have some good ideas discussed here, but I do see other oversimplifications similar to the one I mentioned regarding immigration. I commend you for speaking your truth as you see it and hope that you do get some votes. But you probably won’t get mine.
    I don’t like running my life from the standpoint of doing something because I am against something else. But the thought of a Trump presidency, and Trump appointed Supreme Court judges scares the daylights out of me. The thought of him getting mad at some Arab ruler and throwing nuclear bombs at them seems like a scary possibility.
    I may not agree with all that Hillary has said and done but I do believe that her heart is in the right place and her intentions are good. And her platform and her speeches more closely represent my ideals then the other candidate with any kind of realistic chance of being elected.
    Over the years I’ve come to at least admire her for having put up with all of the attack and negativity that has been thrown at her consistently by the GOP and right wing pundits. Is she a warm fuzzy person? Definitely not. But do I want to have as president somebody that I want to have a beer with and think is a nice guy, as we did with George W? Or do I want someone who understands the issues and fights for what she wants and wants much of what I want? Unfortunately she’s had a lifetime of having good old boys resentment at an uppity pushy female with an IQ greater than two of them combined.
    Much of what has come out of the right has been a bemoaning of how little got done under Obama while at the same time complaining about how much he accomplished, and they had Mitch McConnell and other leaders of the fat old right commit at the very beginning of the first Obama administration that they would oppose anything that Obama proposed. I wonder if he get told them to get out of a burning room if they would’ve insisted upon staying there just to oppose him.
    In closing I commend Mr. B nice for taking an initiative to present his ideas and I believe it is more important to B. Active (as you are by stating your platform here) then to B. Nice at this stage.


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