My Atlanta Garden – Update Aug 2016

Written by Jack Sprout
All World Wide Rights Reserved

I’ve taken a bit of a respite as the website builds content. At the moment, I am the DO part of, (though from what I hear, there are plans to add a financial advice columnist), while others still are writing some Dum stuff. (Largely political in nature, though I admit to liking both ‘Mr. B. Nice’ and the ‘Marihuana‘ postings). I have also come to understand that a new Ditty is soon on it’s way, with accompanying video no less. Sounds like fun.

Another reason I have been absent, is due to the fact that what I really want to focus on, with My Atlanta Garden, is winter gardening and how successful I can be in cooler (zone 7b) temperatures. (and in a greenhouse.)

But before we get to that, an update on this years’ Garden:

Cukes gone Wild !!

The wicking bed continues to perform well, having put off many delicious Tomatoes. The early Broccoli and Squash, however, did not flourish that well. I suspect this had to do with the heat, although I admit it did take me a while to figure out the watering amounts and an appropriate (nutrient) feeding schedule.

Now mid way through August, the cucumbers are really taking off. The temperatures haven’t really abated much in the daytime, though the nights are nice and cool, dipping into the 70’s F*.  My watering has also become more consistent, as have the Heavens, providing more consistent rain (finally) these past couple of weeks. A major time saver when I don’t have to water the trees.


The rock garden did well with the Hot peppers (Habanero and Tabasco) and Onions, but little else. I highly suspect lack of sufficient water, due in part to the shallow depth of the garden soil. I plan on dismantling this garden, and moving it to the back yard, while possibly switching to wood, using some 2”x10”’s that were inherited with the property.

The Aquaponics System was pretty much a FAIL. I don’t seem to do well with fish, it seems, having killed them off early. Not to let the system go to waste, however, I continued running the system Hydroponically, with mixed success. The Tomatoes grew nicely, but didn’t really fruit, even though I added a liquid based fertilizer.  (And I KNOW they had plenty of water.)


As we traversed late July and early August, the Cucumbers began growing nicely and indeed gave off some nice big juicy fat Cukes for our Salads. I have also taken note to WHERE the plants flourished and, just as importantly, where they DIDN’T. With that in mind, I have begun building another system behind the garage, where it receives more direct morning light, and less afternoon sun. I was able to notice this pattern not only in my gardening routine, but also by Clocking the Garden area. I expect this location to do much better next year. I am also installing (4) IBC totes, holding somewhere in the neighborhood of 2000 Gallons, or 4000 liters, and supplying up to SIX (maybe 8??) grow beds! I am planning on covering the totes with roofing, and then directing any rainwater into the totes to replenish loss from evaporation.

The raised cinder garden also flourished with nice tall Tomato plants AND big red juicy fruit. The Squash we harvested were delicious, if not plentiful, and now the Cukes are doing well in there also. I’m fairly certain this lack of production was due to inconsistent watering and even occasionally OVER watering, as I tried (desperately) to combat this years’ brutally hot and dry days.

The Greenhouse has held up nicely to the few storms we have had, and I am looking forward to extending the growing season in there. I am also curious to see how the shorter days and Winter location of the sun (zenith?) differs from the Summer, as well as the difference in how much sun these two areas receive. (Winter v Summer)


Average Fall planting time here, according to my Farmers Almanac, is mid September and barely a month away.

In other news, We have our !~1st Pomegranate ~! YEA !!  I am preparing an area for a chicken coop, and surprisingly, one of the Paw Paw seeds has sprouted above ground!

But, we’ll save those for another post, coming soon.  Until then my friend.


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