A Sure-Fire Way To Fix The Economy

What the world needs right now are jobs for the millions of people sitting on the sidelines, the ‘Golden Year Earners’ and all people of all ages and races. As an added bonus, all these people of various ethnicities working together might actually, **GASP**,  improve social issues. Bit’s that another issue, for another article.

Back to the Jobs. Often times, there is a catalyst to spark a massive rebuilding. Natural Disaster.  WAR.  But in the absence of that we still need something on a Global scale.

That’s why I’m suggesting National Bulldozer Month. Give the public a 12 month window to accept a government ‘bailout’ (of sorts) for mainstream America. For once, instead of giving all that money to the clowns that got us into this mess, aka the Too Big To Fail (BS) Companies (remember 2008?), instead, give it the industry that is truly to BIG to FAIL, the American Consumer. This would put money into the public’s hands, to spend as they want, as well as allow the average Joe ample time to secure safe housing. Then, unleash the Bulldozers.

No wait. Hear me out. This would create MILLIONS of new jobs as cities across the nation would need rebuilding.

Give Americans the option to move into the city in return for, say, $100,000 per person for renters, and maybe a cool million for Home owners. (Helicopter Ben style) Empty office spaces would suddenly be converted to housing, small business, groceries, medical, home improvement, clothing stores, even entertainment. A one stop living experience.

This would not only stimulate the economy by creating growth, and jobs, but as an added bonus it would also be ‘green’, or good for the environment. By encouraging citizens to move into the cites, it would allow nature in the outer suburbs to return to her natural state (Hello Detroit). This in turn would create parks, agriculture and large swaths of natural land.

The government (or other deep pocket investor(s)) would need to take the lead of course, ensuring there would be enough space to accommodate the large influx of people that would, should, theoretically, occur. Maybe have a 12 month ‘sign-up period’ and then a 1 year build up period, or up to 2 years for folks to prepare for their monster move-in.

The money the movers would receive would be in addition to a place in the city – condo style for home owners, and rent control (of sorts) for renters. From there build larger, taller buildings to replace the older ones, creating a real estate market. Instead of subdivisions and building out, build up with high rises incorporating plenty of green grass and open outdoor areas in between buildings.

Furthermore, the governments could come up with another Trillion Dollars (they did it for the banks) to build the infrastructure of this new vision. Things like Mav Lev Trams and Solar Power could go a long way to updating our outdated infrastructure, provide public energy and transportation for easy movement within the city, which should then lessen the number of polluting automobiles and expensive roads. All of this would create jobs, incomes, spending, and yes, taxes. Revenue for the government to take care of things like Social Security and Medicare.

Better yet, maybe Warren Buffet, Bill Gates and others could offer to Re-invest the Dividends they have received back into America. To improve the overall heath and well being of the Earth and her citizens. Of course, the main investors would, in turn, own many of the businesses, or building spaces, and thus be repaid for their investment into America.

Poof. Problem solved.


Written by Uncle Pennybags for DumDittyDo.com

All World Wide Rights Reserved


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