Changing Seasons, Changing Mindsets – and OH! those blankets!!

Now mid way through November, the weather has finally cooled, bringing an actual chill to the air. Quite different from the scorching summer heat, and a welcome change. And as the seasons change, so do our mindsets. Chores to do, yard work to tackle, and oh yea, something about the holidays ….

As this particular season changes, I find myself with idle hands, desperately seeking an activity or two, and to that end, we have begun making candles and throw blankets. The throw blankets are double layered, hand tied, WARM, and machine washable. Perfect for an evening of Telley, or at an outdoor event.

Alabama Crimson Tide avail for $50

We’ve found several similar blankets, (online) but they generally ran in the 4′-5′ length and only about 3′ wide. Maybe these are made for munchkins, but certainly not for me. Even at average height, those would barely be considered a (napkin) lap blanket. Me, personally, I prefer a blanket that wraps under my feet and could cover my head (if I so choose), or about 7′ long. Something that wraps around my body, like a papoose. Something about 5′ wide. But that’s my preference.

Harry Potter – Limited Quantities $50

Your preference might be different. Perhaps you have a new addition to the family, and need something more like, well, a papoose. Maybe you’re tall and like something even longer. Perhaps you live in a ‘House-divided’ and want a blanket with BOTH your favorite teams, one on each side. Maybe you like pro sports, or root for your Alma Mater. Whatever the case, we can make a blanket just for YOU. You tell us how long you want your blanket, and what kind of team or pattern you’re wanting (Harry Potter!!), and we will send you a few pics to choose from. Choose the one you like, and we can have it made and shipped in no time.

As a General rule of thumb, these blankets cost about $10 per foot of length, but will vary depending on availability, licensing and what the supplier feels like charging at the time we purchase the material. Again, sports teams, and movie themes will have licensing agreements and cost more than something that is not. Makes sense, right?

img_5670Other than that, we charge actually shipping costs, which includes the packing material, and can all be tallied at the time of purchase. We accept Paypal, Major Credit Cards, and Cash (of course), though nothing will be shipped until funds are received. Further, if you are in the Atlanta area, Pick Up may be available.

I hope to post these not only on our Facebook page, but also on Craigslist, eBay, and anywhere else we think of 🙂

If you like the pics, and wish to order your own blanket, send me an email @, and we will find the perfect pattern for your personal blanket. Or perhaps as a gift to that Steelers fan, or Penn State Alum. (All major colleges and sports teams avail).



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