Championship Weekend Predictions

So far so good. Since about week 8-9 I’ve been calling for Falcons vs. Dallas and New England vs. Pittsburgh in the Championship games.

And I was oh so close. So what happens now? Starting in the NFC, The Atlanta Falcons will host the Green Bay Packers. The Falcons will be looking to Avenge a long list of near misses. Thirteen of Atlanta’s 50 football seasons have seen them reach the post season. In 10 of those post season appearances, they have failed to advance beyond the Divisional Round. The exceptions being Championship losses in 2012 and 2004 to the 49ers and Eagles, respectively. The other loss was to the Broncos in Superbowl 33. Their only Superbowl appearance since their inception in 1966. Too bad they all went partying in Tampa Bay the night BEFORE the Superbowl. So yea, no wonder they lost..

And now there is this season. Will the Falcons once again flounder? Or will they flourish?


The oddsmakers have both the Falcons and the Patriots as 5 point favorites. I mostly agree with the Falcons winning at home, though the spread here is 6 points, and I personally believe it could be more like 7-10. Furthermore, This game has the potential to be a high scoring game with both Matt Ryan and Aaron Rogers. It will come down to the trenches. In this battle, I especially like the Falcons, though whether or not they can keep Aaron Rogers under wraps for 60 minutes has yet to be seen. I see something like 34-21 Falcons in that scenario.

The AFC is a different story. My numbers have the Patriots as only 2 point favorites, though me personally, I believe the Steelers pull out the upset in Foxborough and WIN by 3. (Though I prefer 7)


maxresdefaultYes, I know they are the Patriots, and sure it is Tom Brady. I didn’t say it was going to be easy, but every couple of years the Steelers Pop up and grab them a Bowl berth. They won the AFC Championship in 2005, 2008 and 2010, taking their Lombardi Trophy in 2008. I fully believe this is a Super Bowl Appearance year for the City of Steel. Again, the potential for a high scoring game, but with Gronk out and Amendola banged up, I think this game marks the beginning of the end of the Brady era. Final Score, 38-35 Pittsburgh.

Sure, sure, say what you will about my alliances. I am a LONG (lifetime) Pittsburgh Steelers fan and having resided in Atlanta the last 30 years, pull for the Falcons when I can. Nothing would be sweeter for me than to see these 2 teams in the Superbowl. I could just sit back, enjoy the game and root for both teams, if thats even allowed.

I say I can because they are from 2 different conferences. Pittsburgh from the AFC and Atlanta from the NFC.

But I’m a football fan. A True football fan, and as such, can only have One True Love. No heart divided, No House divided.

Tune in next week to see what we have to say about the Pro Bowl.

Or Dud Bowl as we call it here. I mean, It’s not even good flag football. But more on that in the next article …..


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