How McDonalds Could Have Hit A Home Run with the Return of the Big Mac

I wish they had contacted me before launching their latest campaign to re-invigorate sales in the Big Mac. If you’re my age, and have children old enough to be in college, you can probably recite the ingredients of the Big Mac by heart.

Two all beef patties. Special Sauce. Lettuce, cheese, pickles, onions on a sesame seed bun. Like me, you probably grew up on this iconic memory. There’s something about the taste of a Big Mac, the way the flavors come together. A burger without tomatoes. Unheard of, yet a huge success with me and my Gen X’ers, but not so hot with the new younger hip crowd.

thI’m sure you have seen the ads by now. The Big Mac, The Mac Jr., and the Grand Mac. I’m sorry, the idea is wonderful, but the names, to me leave something … lacking. To me they seem … bland. Stale. Unoriginal. And they just don’t flow off the tongue.

thWhich is why I wish they would have contacted me to do their advertising for this particular campaign. The Big Mac goes without saying. It is Iconic in stature, in name and in brand. It is, after all, McDonald’s’ signature burger. Which is why the new ‘side kicks’ should have a similar signature slogan, and Jr, and Grand(ma/pa) just don’t do it for me. It doesn’t ‘excite’ me enough to go out and BUY a burger.

I would have suggested something Bolder. Something Familiar. Something fitting of the Big Mac Brand.

I would have suggested the Big Mac, The Mini Mac, and the Mac Daddy.

It flows off the tongue. It accurately describes the favoritism and popularity of the Big Mac’s success. It appeals to people of all ages races and gender. Young and old alike. Black, Red, Yellow or White.

It excites me. Makes me want to go out and get one. To remember my days of old, which is to say the days when I was young and alive, when the world was open to possibilities. It excites the younger Generation. I mean, who doesn’t want a Mac Daddy?

thAnd for the Mini Mac, maybe get Mike Meyers (ala Saturday Night Live – Wayne’s World) to do a Mini Me spoof on the Mini Mac. (Party Time, Excellent)

Ok, Maybe that’s a bit much. Maybe just a quick Cameo of him and his Mini me eating a Big Mac and a Mini Mac. Then Maybe get Big Bird, or Mr. Snuffleufflegus to tout the Mac Daddy.  (I thought of Dagwood, but he already has is own sandwich) which is why,  in my minds eyes, I see Oscar the Grouch feasting on a Mac Daddy, and getting Happy.

If that didn’t work, there is always the “Return Of The Big Mac” complete with a tie in to the Star Wars Franchise.

Picture Yoda with A Big Mac, saying something like,  “A Big Mac in every Bite it is.” Or, “The Big Mac Is Back, it is”

I know I’m off the deep end here, and lining all of that up is probably too much (and too expensive) for what it’s worth. Unless, of course, it sold like Hot Cakes.

But hey,  that’s another Campaign …


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