My Introduction To Vaping

The Vaping experience has grown since its infancy, and what I once considered a rebellious way to continue smoking in public, I now see as a viable alternative to smoking actual cigarettes.

My first ‘unit’ was given to me recently as a Christmas present. From my nephew. Ironically, it came just days after my GP suggested (quite strongly) that I give up cigarettes, or at least switch to vaping. The kicker, though, was from my Urologist, who explained that smoking clogs up the arteries, resulting in low blood circulation. This struck me as QUITE important, as a very favorite part of my anatomy only works properly with full blood circulation, flow and pressure.

And I was … exhibiting … signs of weak circulation. In fact, the Fibromyalgia I have recently begun suffering from, what could be caused, or at least exasperated by, weak circulation, as my blood pressure is spot on.

So now I’m vaping. I was gifted an Eleaf iStick Pico Mega, complete with tank, atomizer, coil, battery pack and a small jar (20mL) bottle of some kind of berry ‘e-juice’.

It took about 2 weeks to wean myself off the cigarettes. But once I started it using it for a few days in a row without tobacco, I realized I preferred the smooth flavorful taste of the ejuice versus the ‘heavy’ feeling of cigarettes. The juice I have is listed as 6% nicotine, and a 60/40 base mix. (I will get into that in a future posting)

I wasn’t exactly crazy about the berry, but who can argue with free, right? So to get me through that bottle, I went to the local vape shop, found a flavor I thought I might like, and promptly paid 30$ (US) for a 60mL bottle. This is about average for what I was able to find online.

I like to research varies things, and even try my hand at creating some choice projects, and as such, quickly found myself researching flavors, nicotine and things like PG and VG, and the different percentages of each. I learned about different types of atomizers and coils, and then I started researching mixing and making my own flavors.

I found a shop online and purchased Liter bottles of Propylene Glycol (PG) and Vegetable Glycerine (VG), some 100mg/mL nicotine, and a few flavors to get me started: Butterscotch and Root Beer are two of my all time favorite flavors, so I started there. I tossed in some Vanilla Custard and Cinnamon to get me started.

Thank Heaven for Google and Youtube. As my wife likes to say, “Google knows everything”, and Youtube shows everything, which is especially helpful to thick-headed numbskulls like me, that could mess up a Tic-Tac-Toe board if not shown exactly how, and even then, I might still screw it up.

It didn’t take long to match an article with a like minded youtube video, and I was off to the races taking notes in preparation for my delivery. Which to my pleasure, was delivered quite quickly. I wanted to raise the nicotine level from the 6% I was smoking, and wanted to experiment with different base mixtures.

I settled on 8% nicotine and something close to a 50/50 mixture of PG and VG, taking into account the base used in the nicotine and the flavors. I mixed up my two main flavors, Butterscotch and Root beer. Then I mixed up (2) ‘Dry’ mixes (no flavoring) at a lower PG / higher VG ratio, which is also the ‘base’ for my 50mL mix, less the flavor. Without the flavor, my 50/50 mix becomes 40/60 – PG / VG (or there abouts). The higher VG ratio should give me a smoother hit, with more of a ‘cloud’, versus a Higher PG, which would be a ‘fuller’ taste, referred to as a ‘stronger throat hit’ within the vaping community.

Turns out that was too strong for my weak palette, but after some experimentation, I settled on a 70VG/30PG mix with a 7% flavor solution. I also only ‘burn’ at 20w with a sub ohm coil, which extends my coil life exponentially.

I went ahead and purchased the E-Flavors collection, from NicVape which includes (1) 15mL bottle of each flavor they carry, (49 total) should you be like me and wish to experiment with ‘mixing’ your own vape juice. I think they even sell in Bulk, if you are a retailer.

At any rate, I’ve added a 10 pack of backup coils, rinsing and re-using coils as often as possible. After a month of weaning myself off cigarettes and onto vaping, I find myself drawn more towards the pleasant light flavor of the vape vs the heavy, ashen taste of cigarettes. I can’t even call it tobacco, with all the additives and all.


One thought on “My Introduction To Vaping

  1. So you mix your own e- juice? I think that’s great! Have you heard anything about three VG being more healthy than the PG? I would greatly appreciate it if you would follow me or check out my blog on vaping. Either way thank you for your inspirational writings on non-smoking. -bel


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