Train Wreck in Slow Motion

Its taken awhile to digest and proccess everthing that has happened. I needed time to reflect. To truly understand the meaning of ‘a train wreck in slow motion’. Yet that’s exactly what it was. I had never truly understood the meaning before this. It was a saying people used for the unbelievable. But it’s really more than that.

It’s a knowing. That deep dark spot in your gut when you know something is terribly wrong, and with the alarm bells sounding off in your head. Your Spidey senses. An impending doom. With minutes remaining in the 3rd quarter, the Falcons failed to convert a drive for points, and the Patriots came to life.

An Unbelievable catch. The asuredness of the team. The never quit mentality, down they drove, and scored. And then again. And again. And then, with literally seconds remaining, the final score, The win by 1. Billechick, Brady and company did it again. #5. One for the thumb, as it were.

The Falcons, once again the brunt of the off season jokes. The chokers. The biggest blown lead, The biggest comeback in history. The Falcons on the wrong side of the highlight reel yet again.

And, oh Atlanta. Can you hear me callin? Hear me crying as I hear your tears. Feel the pain of a city in so dire a need of a win. A big Win. A superbowl win.

Yet again, we Atlantan’s can only look to next year. Again talk about the growth we made. Again mention the youth of the team and the promise they hold. The Potential. The Possibility of winning a Lombardi Trophy. Not just for the team, the organization or the owner, but for the city. The people that need it the most. The Fans. The guys that pay for new stadiums when the old one is still functional. The folks that pay these exorbitant fees to pay the players massive amounts of money to play a game, while we wittle and twittle away in our cubicles, booths and hard hats.

For the city. For the fan. For the everyday ordinary man, woman and child.

But back to the game. It was a statistical dead heat, with many giving the Falcons the edge (present company included). The Patriots have their wins, the country wanted an underdog. Needed an underdog. America was interviewing for a new team, and the Falcons were looking the part… For 20 and 3/4 games anyway.

And then …  I don’t even know what. One minute they were up by 30 some odd points, and the next the Patriots were driving for the win.

I don’t mean to take anything away from Tom and Bill, et. al. These guys are consumate pros. Never say die. They won number 5, like it or not, they ARE one of the best teams, best dynasties in history.

But oh, the Falcons ….


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One thought on “Train Wreck in Slow Motion

  1. Well this isn’t where I thought this article was going, or what it is about given our recent conversations and it’s title! Somehow I’d put the Super Bowl and its memories in mothballs and deep storage. I’ve got too much of life that I’ve been living, and so much more to do. As they used to say back in Brooklyn when I was growing up: “wait’ll next year!”

    Hang in there!


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