Dj Dum Ditty and the Dum Ditty News

DJ Dum DItty is a creation of my imagination. Part Yankee, part Hick, part Free-Ager, DJ Dum Ditty takes the cue to view the news in a slightly different kinda way. Part fact, part fiction, part Saturday Night Live (when it was phunny), DJ Dum Ditty attempts to infuse a wee bit of humor in this otherwise depressing and defeatist world.

DJ Dum Ditty is a bit of a procrastinator, having waited nearly 50 years for this character to emerge. Another sign of procrastination would be the fact that after 20 years, he has yet to take his lovely wife on a Honeymoon, and to that end has started a ‘change campaign’.

Simply stated, if you enjoy the current news and views, reach into your pants pocket, clear off the nightstand, or empty the ashtray in your car that is full of loose change, and whatever that amount is, kindly donate it to us, instead of Piggy Bank the sea Turtle. Kindly hop on over to GoFundMe, DJ Dum Ditty and the honeymoon fund, and donate whatever loose change you have. It can be ten cents, a quarter, forty six cents, or whatever amount you have and or are willing to give. I mean heck, I accept Dollars too! Lincolns, Hamiltons, Grants and Franklins are ALL welcome here, lol.

DJ Dum Ditty’s view of the news includes whats trending now, what happened on this date in history as well as some notable birthdays you or someone you know may share with.

We hope you enjoy these little 10 minute news snippets, (well, we try to keep somewhere around that number) and hope to eventually broadcast not only daily, but even several times a day. You can help by watching, friending and, of course, sharing. Sharing of the video, with your ten thousand closest facebook, twitter and instagram friends, and by sharing your change by going over to, DJ Dum Ditty and clicking on donate. It really is that easy.

So we hope you can spare a few minutes of your day and in exchange, we hope to give you a few laughs along the way (or at the very least a few chuckles and a guffaw – I just like that word, Guffaw) – and if so, we ask you to spare some change for my ‘Procrastination Fund’ at

In the meantime, sit back, kick back and enjoy this viewing of the Dum Ditty News, with host, DJ Dum Ditty.



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