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Train Wreck in Slow Motion

Its taken awhile to digest and proccess everthing that has happened. I needed time to reflect. To truly understand the meaning of ‘a train wreck in slow motion’. Yet that’s exactly what it was. I had never truly understood the meaning before this. It was a saying people used for the unbelievable. But it’s really more than that.

It’s a knowing. That deep dark spot in your gut when you know something is terribly wrong, and with the alarm bells sounding off in your head. Your Spidey senses. An impending doom. With minutes remaining in the 3rd quarter, the Falcons failed to convert a drive for points, and the Patriots came to life.

An Unbelievable catch. The asuredness of the team. The never quit mentality, down they drove, and scored. And then again. And again. And then, with literally seconds remaining, the final score, The win by 1. Billechick, Brady and company did it again. #5. One for the thumb, as it were.

The Falcons, once again the brunt of the off season jokes. The chokers. The biggest blown lead, The biggest comeback in history. The Falcons on the wrong side of the highlight reel yet again.

And, oh Atlanta. Can you hear me callin? Hear me crying as I hear your tears. Feel the pain of a city in so dire a need of a win. A big Win. A superbowl win.

Yet again, we Atlantan’s can only look to next year. Again talk about the growth we made. Again mention the youth of the team and the promise they hold. The Potential. The Possibility of winning a Lombardi Trophy. Not just for the team, the organization or the owner, but for the city. The people that need it the most. The Fans. The guys that pay for new stadiums when the old one is still functional. The folks that pay these exorbitant fees to pay the players massive amounts of money to play a game, while we wittle and twittle away in our cubicles, booths and hard hats.

For the city. For the fan. For the everyday ordinary man, woman and child.

But back to the game. It was a statistical dead heat, with many giving the Falcons the edge (present company included). The Patriots have their wins, the country wanted an underdog. Needed an underdog. America was interviewing for a new team, and the Falcons were looking the part… For 20 and 3/4 games anyway.

And then …  I don’t even know what. One minute they were up by 30 some odd points, and the next the Patriots were driving for the win.

I don’t mean to take anything away from Tom and Bill, et. al. These guys are consumate pros. Never say die. They won number 5, like it or not, they ARE one of the best teams, best dynasties in history.

But oh, the Falcons ….


Written for DumDittyDo.com

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Roger Goodell and the NFL owners announce the end of the Pro Bowl

Jan 27 2017

-Atlanta Ga-

0900 EST

roger-goodell-2-thumb-1024x759-133842In a shocking and unexpected move, (perhaps in an effort to boost ratings for this year), citing lackluster ratings and declining interest in the Pro Bowl, Roger Goodell today announced “…the NFL will be ending the current Pro Bowl format, to be replaced next year with a new and innovative way to showcase the talent of the National Football League while promoting the game in an effort to once again revitalize and rejuvenate interest in our Great Game…” (sic) the week between the end of the playoffs and the Super Bowl.

Wouldn’t that be nice to hear? Something different for Pro Bowl Weekend? Or as we call it here, ‘Dud Bowl weekend’.

As the regular season and the playoffs come to an end, the non finalists turn their eye towards Florida for a week of fun and floundering in the sun. There will be exhibits and plenty of things to do, and it all culminates in a mean nothing football game that is more akin to flag football than the American Sport we have come to love.

Except flag football is more exciting to watch.

I mean, I get it. Multimillion dollars players don’t want to risk injury (or their livlihood) in a real contact game, which since the inception of free agency, has little to no bragging rights. No meaning.

A ‘Who Cares’ game.

They tried dressing it up with some former star personalities ‘picking teams’ like we did as kids.

Yea. That was gonna work.

imagesMaybe they should have tried featuring The Lingerie League during Half time. That would sure boost the male veiwewrship. Maybe add Chip n Dale for the ladies. Make it a Chip ‘n’ Dip Halftime show.

But seriously, here’s what I’d like to see. Instead of a bunch of overpaid (albeit very talented) and spoiled athletes sucking up sunlight, limelight, food, promotional items and other ‘perks’, on an all expenses paid trip, plus draw a game check to boot, (Sweet gig if you can get it, but lets face it, viewership has been plummeting to ‘time to pull the plug’ lows.) But I digress.

Instead, of that, how about about a game that matters again. A game that not only highlights the game itself, but showcases true professional talent. Maybe not the super spectacular plays and catches the elite are capable of making, (ala OBJ et al) but rather fabulous plays made by fresh talent. A chance to evaluate the progress of the leagues best players. A game with a TWIST …

The Rookie Bowl.

Every year hundreds of rookies are drafted into the league. Every pre season they are fighting for a roster spot. Every year hundreds are cut. The ones that remain fight for learning time. Fighting for their jobs. Their livelihood. Their Dream. And isn’t America the land where dreams come true?

But honestly, the way the pros play the ‘Consolation Bowl’, I would rather see a reality series of those same football players spending a weekend at Disney. Riding the rides. Eating. Acting goofy (or with him). Or maybe a series of them doing after season fun. Acapulco. Dirt Bikes. Sky diving. Whatever. I would rather watch THAT, then that stink they put on annually in Hawaii.

I mean, does anybody even watch the Pro Bowl? Is it so much as background noise at some lame excuse of a get together? Do people even get together for that Sunday anymore?

Wouldn’t it be great if people once again gathered on that one last Sunday to enjoy a true and competitive Professional Football game before the Bowl of Bowls? (The Super one.)

Would you tune into watch the likes of Wentz and Mariota battle it out for best rookie QB? (Toss Dak in there now, add Ezekial Ellilot at RB, Aghalor at WR etc etc). Use only 1st to 3rd year rookies and let them battle it out like the days of old. League against League. Only, rookies against rookies.

People would call it The Back up Bowl, but they would tune in. (or maybe the Bubble Bowl, for those who get cut)

Or here’s another idea. Maybe pit the best College Seniors (draft prospects) against the NFL rookies.

Yea. I’d tune in to see that!

(Hopefully) Coming soon. R-E-A-L change to the Pro Bowl.

Written By Brother Grim
for DumDittyDo.com
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Championship Weekend Predictions

So far so good. Since about week 8-9 I’ve been calling for Falcons vs. Dallas and New England vs. Pittsburgh in the Championship games.

And I was oh so close. So what happens now? Starting in the NFC, The Atlanta Falcons will host the Green Bay Packers. The Falcons will be looking to Avenge a long list of near misses. Thirteen of Atlanta’s 50 football seasons have seen them reach the post season. In 10 of those post season appearances, they have failed to advance beyond the Divisional Round. The exceptions being Championship losses in 2012 and 2004 to the 49ers and Eagles, respectively. The other loss was to the Broncos in Superbowl 33. Their only Superbowl appearance since their inception in 1966. Too bad they all went partying in Tampa Bay the night BEFORE the Superbowl. So yea, no wonder they lost..

And now there is this season. Will the Falcons once again flounder? Or will they flourish?


The oddsmakers have both the Falcons and the Patriots as 5 point favorites. I mostly agree with the Falcons winning at home, though the spread here is 6 points, and I personally believe it could be more like 7-10. Furthermore, This game has the potential to be a high scoring game with both Matt Ryan and Aaron Rogers. It will come down to the trenches. In this battle, I especially like the Falcons, though whether or not they can keep Aaron Rogers under wraps for 60 minutes has yet to be seen. I see something like 34-21 Falcons in that scenario.

The AFC is a different story. My numbers have the Patriots as only 2 point favorites, though me personally, I believe the Steelers pull out the upset in Foxborough and WIN by 3. (Though I prefer 7)


maxresdefaultYes, I know they are the Patriots, and sure it is Tom Brady. I didn’t say it was going to be easy, but every couple of years the Steelers Pop up and grab them a Bowl berth. They won the AFC Championship in 2005, 2008 and 2010, taking their Lombardi Trophy in 2008. I fully believe this is a Super Bowl Appearance year for the City of Steel. Again, the potential for a high scoring game, but with Gronk out and Amendola banged up, I think this game marks the beginning of the end of the Brady era. Final Score, 38-35 Pittsburgh.

Sure, sure, say what you will about my alliances. I am a LONG (lifetime) Pittsburgh Steelers fan and having resided in Atlanta the last 30 years, pull for the Falcons when I can. Nothing would be sweeter for me than to see these 2 teams in the Superbowl. I could just sit back, enjoy the game and root for both teams, if thats even allowed.

I say I can because they are from 2 different conferences. Pittsburgh from the AFC and Atlanta from the NFC.

But I’m a football fan. A True football fan, and as such, can only have One True Love. No heart divided, No House divided.

Tune in next week to see what we have to say about the Pro Bowl.

Or Dud Bowl as we call it here. I mean, It’s not even good flag football. But more on that in the next article …..