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Welcome to the new web-site!

But why in the WORLD did we name it DUM DITTY DO?

Well, this is meant to be a place for me (and others like me) to share our thoughts with the world.  There is a heading for Photography, Poems, Lyrics (and other works that suit our fancy) (DITTY), A place to help others create or grow (DO), and finally somewhere to simply vent. Now Venting isn’t always Politically Correct, or non offensive (So if you get offended easily or are upset by such things, well, stay out (:-) Fittingly, this falls under the heading DUM (as we are sure, there will be numerous dumb things mentioned, written, thought and/or said here.

And don’t we all say or do stupid things at times??

Well, when you put it all together, it comes out DUM DITTY DO dot com, which, lets face it, just kinda rolls off the tongue, sticks in your head – like a melody, (Miss you Mel, Hi Jeff) and kinda makes you smile. (It does us anyway) Furthermore, it was available and not 1000 letters long.

So how does one navigate this melee of rig-a-ma-roll? Simple. First decide which heading you wish to explore, DUM, DITTY or DO and then click that heading (anywhere on the page) and it will take you to another page with links and titles to various works we decide to publish.  (Please keep in mind, as we are in the early stages of this new creation, some headings may not have many titles or links – yet)

So, with that said, feel free to dive in, check us out, hopefully laugh (or chuckle) along the way, and who knows, maybe learn something or find a new perspective to things (or even share yours with us)