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DJ Dum DItty is a creation of my imagination. Part Yankee, part Hick, part Free-Ager, DJ Dum Ditty takes the cue to view the news in a slightly different kinda way. Part fact, part fiction, part Saturday Night Live (when it was phunny), DJ Dum Ditty attempts to infuse a wee bit of humor in this otherwise depressing and defeatist world.

DJ Dum Ditty is a bit of a procrastinator, having waited nearly 50 years for this character to emerge. Another sign of procrastination would be the fact that after 20 years, he has yet to take his lovely wife on a Honeymoon, and to that end has started a ‘change campaign’.

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DJ Dum Ditty’s view of the news includes whats trending now, what happened on this date in history as well as some notable birthdays you or someone you know may share with.

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In the meantime, sit back, kick back and enjoy this viewing of the Dum Ditty News, with host, DJ Dum Ditty.


Train Wreck in Slow Motion

Its taken awhile to digest and proccess everthing that has happened. I needed time to reflect. To truly understand the meaning of ‘a train wreck in slow motion’. Yet that’s exactly what it was. I had never truly understood the meaning before this. It was a saying people used for the unbelievable. But it’s really more than that.

It’s a knowing. That deep dark spot in your gut when you know something is terribly wrong, and with the alarm bells sounding off in your head. Your Spidey senses. An impending doom. With minutes remaining in the 3rd quarter, the Falcons failed to convert a drive for points, and the Patriots came to life.

An Unbelievable catch. The asuredness of the team. The never quit mentality, down they drove, and scored. And then again. And again. And then, with literally seconds remaining, the final score, The win by 1. Billechick, Brady and company did it again. #5. One for the thumb, as it were.

The Falcons, once again the brunt of the off season jokes. The chokers. The biggest blown lead, The biggest comeback in history. The Falcons on the wrong side of the highlight reel yet again.

And, oh Atlanta. Can you hear me callin? Hear me crying as I hear your tears. Feel the pain of a city in so dire a need of a win. A big Win. A superbowl win.

Yet again, we Atlantan’s can only look to next year. Again talk about the growth we made. Again mention the youth of the team and the promise they hold. The Potential. The Possibility of winning a Lombardi Trophy. Not just for the team, the organization or the owner, but for the city. The people that need it the most. The Fans. The guys that pay for new stadiums when the old one is still functional. The folks that pay these exorbitant fees to pay the players massive amounts of money to play a game, while we wittle and twittle away in our cubicles, booths and hard hats.

For the city. For the fan. For the everyday ordinary man, woman and child.

But back to the game. It was a statistical dead heat, with many giving the Falcons the edge (present company included). The Patriots have their wins, the country wanted an underdog. Needed an underdog. America was interviewing for a new team, and the Falcons were looking the part… For 20 and 3/4 games anyway.

And then …  I don’t even know what. One minute they were up by 30 some odd points, and the next the Patriots were driving for the win.

I don’t mean to take anything away from Tom and Bill, et. al. These guys are consumate pros. Never say die. They won number 5, like it or not, they ARE one of the best teams, best dynasties in history.

But oh, the Falcons ….


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My Introduction To Vaping

The Vaping experience has grown since its infancy, and what I once considered a rebellious way to continue smoking in public, I now see as a viable alternative to smoking actual cigarettes.

My first ‘unit’ was given to me recently as a Christmas present. From my nephew. Ironically, it came just days after my GP suggested (quite strongly) that I give up cigarettes, or at least switch to vaping. The kicker, though, was from my Urologist, who explained that smoking clogs up the arteries, resulting in low blood circulation. This struck me as QUITE important, as a very favorite part of my anatomy only works properly with full blood circulation, flow and pressure.

And I was … exhibiting … signs of weak circulation. In fact, the Fibromyalgia I have recently begun suffering from, what could be caused, or at least exasperated by, weak circulation, as my blood pressure is spot on.

So now I’m vaping. I was gifted an Eleaf iStick Pico Mega, complete with tank, atomizer, coil, battery pack and a small jar (20mL) bottle of some kind of berry ‘e-juice’.

It took about 2 weeks to wean myself off the cigarettes. But once I started it using it for a few days in a row without tobacco, I realized I preferred the smooth flavorful taste of the ejuice versus the ‘heavy’ feeling of cigarettes. The juice I have is listed as 6% nicotine, and a 60/40 base mix. (I will get into that in a future posting)

I wasn’t exactly crazy about the berry, but who can argue with free, right? So to get me through that bottle, I went to the local vape shop, found a flavor I thought I might like, and promptly paid 30$ (US) for a 60mL bottle. This is about average for what I was able to find online.

I like to research varies things, and even try my hand at creating some choice projects, and as such, quickly found myself researching flavors, nicotine and things like PG and VG, and the different percentages of each. I learned about different types of atomizers and coils, and then I started researching mixing and making my own flavors.

I found a shop online and purchased Liter bottles of Propylene Glycol (PG) and Vegetable Glycerine (VG), some 100mg/mL nicotine, and a few flavors to get me started: Butterscotch and Root Beer are two of my all time favorite flavors, so I started there. I tossed in some Vanilla Custard and Cinnamon to get me started.

Thank Heaven for Google and Youtube. As my wife likes to say, “Google knows everything”, and Youtube shows everything, which is especially helpful to thick-headed numbskulls like me, that could mess up a Tic-Tac-Toe board if not shown exactly how, and even then, I might still screw it up.

It didn’t take long to match an article with a like minded youtube video, and I was off to the races taking notes in preparation for my delivery. Which to my pleasure, was delivered quite quickly. I wanted to raise the nicotine level from the 6% I was smoking, and wanted to experiment with different base mixtures.

I settled on 8% nicotine and something close to a 50/50 mixture of PG and VG, taking into account the base used in the nicotine and the flavors. I mixed up my two main flavors, Butterscotch and Root beer. Then I mixed up (2) ‘Dry’ mixes (no flavoring) at a lower PG / higher VG ratio, which is also the ‘base’ for my 50mL mix, less the flavor. Without the flavor, my 50/50 mix becomes 40/60 – PG / VG (or there abouts). The higher VG ratio should give me a smoother hit, with more of a ‘cloud’, versus a Higher PG, which would be a ‘fuller’ taste, referred to as a ‘stronger throat hit’ within the vaping community.

Turns out that was too strong for my weak palette, but after some experimentation, I settled on a 70VG/30PG mix with a 7% flavor solution. I also only ‘burn’ at 20w with a sub ohm coil, which extends my coil life exponentially.

I went ahead and purchased the E-Flavors collection, from NicVape which includes (1) 15mL bottle of each flavor they carry, (49 total) should you be like me and wish to experiment with ‘mixing’ your own vape juice. I think they even sell in Bulk, if you are a retailer.

At any rate, I’ve added a 10 pack of backup coils, rinsing and re-using coils as often as possible. After a month of weaning myself off cigarettes and onto vaping, I find myself drawn more towards the pleasant light flavor of the vape vs the heavy, ashen taste of cigarettes. I can’t even call it tobacco, with all the additives and all.

How McDonalds Could Have Hit A Home Run with the Return of the Big Mac

I wish they had contacted me before launching their latest campaign to re-invigorate sales in the Big Mac. If you’re my age, and have children old enough to be in college, you can probably recite the ingredients of the Big Mac by heart.

Two all beef patties. Special Sauce. Lettuce, cheese, pickles, onions on a sesame seed bun. Like me, you probably grew up on this iconic memory. There’s something about the taste of a Big Mac, the way the flavors come together. A burger without tomatoes. Unheard of, yet a huge success with me and my Gen X’ers, but not so hot with the new younger hip crowd.

thI’m sure you have seen the ads by now. The Big Mac, The Mac Jr., and the Grand Mac. I’m sorry, the idea is wonderful, but the names, to me leave something … lacking. To me they seem … bland. Stale. Unoriginal. And they just don’t flow off the tongue.

thWhich is why I wish they would have contacted me to do their advertising for this particular campaign. The Big Mac goes without saying. It is Iconic in stature, in name and in brand. It is, after all, McDonald’s’ signature burger. Which is why the new ‘side kicks’ should have a similar signature slogan, and Jr, and Grand(ma/pa) just don’t do it for me. It doesn’t ‘excite’ me enough to go out and BUY a burger.

I would have suggested something Bolder. Something Familiar. Something fitting of the Big Mac Brand.

I would have suggested the Big Mac, The Mini Mac, and the Mac Daddy.

It flows off the tongue. It accurately describes the favoritism and popularity of the Big Mac’s success. It appeals to people of all ages races and gender. Young and old alike. Black, Red, Yellow or White.

It excites me. Makes me want to go out and get one. To remember my days of old, which is to say the days when I was young and alive, when the world was open to possibilities. It excites the younger Generation. I mean, who doesn’t want a Mac Daddy?

thAnd for the Mini Mac, maybe get Mike Meyers (ala Saturday Night Live – Wayne’s World) to do a Mini Me spoof on the Mini Mac. (Party Time, Excellent)

Ok, Maybe that’s a bit much. Maybe just a quick Cameo of him and his Mini me eating a Big Mac and a Mini Mac. Then Maybe get Big Bird, or Mr. Snuffleufflegus to tout the Mac Daddy.  (I thought of Dagwood, but he already has is own sandwich) which is why,  in my minds eyes, I see Oscar the Grouch feasting on a Mac Daddy, and getting Happy.

If that didn’t work, there is always the “Return Of The Big Mac” complete with a tie in to the Star Wars Franchise.

Picture Yoda with A Big Mac, saying something like,  “A Big Mac in every Bite it is.” Or, “The Big Mac Is Back, it is”

I know I’m off the deep end here, and lining all of that up is probably too much (and too expensive) for what it’s worth. Unless, of course, it sold like Hot Cakes.

But hey,  that’s another Campaign …


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Super Bowl Update

And now we have it. After 18 weeks of regular season play, Wild Card Weekend, the Division and Conference Champions have been decided. Only one game remains. Who will lift the Lombardi Trophy and become this years World Champions?

1200Since the odds on favorites are the New England Patriots, we shall start with them. During the regular season, the Patriots amassed 6180 yards (386 yards per game) and 441 points, (27.6 points per game.

Defensively,  New England had 34 sacks, 13 interceptions and 19 Forced Fumbles (recovering 10). None of the recovered turnovers were returned for Touchdowns.

And let’s not forget, 4 Lombardi Trophy’s in 7 post season appearances in the Tom Brady era.

On the other side of the ball, and representing the NFC are the Atlanta Flacons. A young team for sure, and for the majority of their 50 year existence, the punchline of the NFL, and the ‘burned’ team in seemingly every highlight reel.

thThat being said, Dan Quinn has righted the ship rather quickly, having ripped off 8 quick wins last season, and now a trip to the Big Game in only his 2nd season as head coach, with Kyle Shannahan as the Offensive Coordinator, Matt Ryan behind center, and additional weapons in Julio,  Sanu,  Gabriel and Toilolo, not to mention TWO 1000 yard rushers in Coleman and Freeman.

This crew has racked up 6653 total yards (416 per game) and put up an amazing 540 points (33.8 per game.) That’s a full 6 points per game BETTER than their ‘patriotic’ foes.

imagesOn Defense, the Atlanta Falcons, started slow and have continued to play better with each game. In the end, they were good for 34 sacks, 12 interceptions and 17 Forced Fumbles, recovering 10. The Falcons returned FIVE of those recovered turnovers for Touchdowns.

imagesAnd let’s not forget the ever important kicker which has proved as much an asset as a detriment this season. Certainly the ‘goal’ for the narrowing of the uprights. New England’s kicker has only made 84.4% of his Field Goals, including 2-4 in the 50+ range. Atlanta’s Kicker on the other foot, has succeeded in 91.9% of his attempts including 6 of 8 from 50+ yards.

Furthermore, The patriots have only had 49 extra point attempts (making 46), to Atlanta’s 57 (hitting 56 of 57).

So, to boil it all down,  Atlanta is +30 yards per game, and +6 points per game in scoring. The defenses are very similar statistically (all stats gathered from espn.com) with the difference being +5 in turnovers returned for TD’s and the better percentage kicker, especially from outside of 50 yards.

imagesOf course, we can’t discount Coach Bilichick and company’s ability to game plan, having seen that in the beginning of the season with Garapolo, and later in the season when Gronk went down. Nor can we discount the all important experience Tom Brady and the rest of the team have. I mean for these guys, the post season is expected.

For the final tally, Offensively, it is the Falcons +6, Defensive and special teams, Falcons +8. Experience, Patriots +14.

Which puts us in a statistical dead heat. A Tie. Somewhere around 38 points I think.

thBut there is still one metric we have not counted, and that will be the deciding factor. Hunger. Brady and the Patriots are going for a FIFTH ring, whereas the lowly Falcons make only their 7th playoff appearance in 50 years, and second Super Bowl appearance in franchise history.

All else being equal, assuming a fire alarm doesn’t go off in the Falcons hotel and Atlanta is able to retain their composure, I give the Falcons 2 points for Hunger.  Plus 1 more point just because I’m a Falcons Fan and want them to win.

Final Score,  Falcons  41-38 .

Written by PRG


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